COTR Men’s Encounter 2012

This past weekend’s COTR Men’s Encounter was no doubt one of the most powerful weekends I’ve ever experienced in the thirty-two years that I have been a Christian. God certainly showed up! Everything, from the teaching, to the one-on-one ministry, to the worship, to the meals were anointed by God. By the way, thank you chef Leo for the awesome meals and the wonderful way in which you served them with love and enthusiasm.

Pastor Jason and the worship team must have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to play and sing with such anointing and passion; not to mention energy. I think we worshipped for three hours straight Saturday night. I’m not sure how long it was, I was so drunk on the Holy Ghost (to use an old pentecostal term) that I lost track of time.

It is my prayer that every man who attended received from God what he needed for this moment and time in his life. I pray that the victories won at this encounter with God will serve as a monument of remembrance in their life. Much like the rock that Samuel set up to mark the victory won over the enemies of Israel. I Samuel 7:12

Never forget men that Jesus’ redeeming work has paid the full price for your sins. Receive it! Appropriate it! Own it in your life! Let’s go kick in the teeth of the devil and give God the glory for what He has done!

Be Blessed!

Pastor Wayne